Welcome to the Wkend!

The day before my first ocean swim.
The day before my first ocean swim.

Before I start this journey, let me introduce myself. My name is Rosa and I tried this blog back in 2011 with the idea of changing my life for the good. I wanted to do something significant and relevant every weekend of the year, and write about it.

Well, I did stuff some weekends, but to be honest life with a new born was more difficult than I expected, and I was not ready to start the writing adventure just yet.

Looking back at 2013 and 2014, they were both very emotional years for me, and I started making major changes in my life. The most important was to make time for myself. I made the conscious decision without any pressure from anyone to sign up for a Triathlon, among other things (Ride half of Lake Tahoe). I believe the Triathlon, not the crazy ride around Tahoe, was the “thing” I needed to make a major change of direction in my life.

I’m not an athlete. I have never trained for anything in my life. The closest to a running activity I have been before would be a Charlie’s Angel marathon (yep, the show from the 70’s), but I worked as hard as I could and met my goal to finish.

This blog is to document my journey of becoming a triathlete with the mantra that every step counts.



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