When life gives you lemons…

Get some Tequila to go with it.  

This week was rough, but the good thing is that is almost over.  My Monday started with getting a cold, and having to go through two long days of meetings where I had to do most of the talking.  The third day, I’m introduced to someone I would train for the next two days, which meant a lot more talking with my nose full of fluids, and trying to breath through my mouth while talking. Not a good feeling at all, plus I got the poor guy sick too. 

Friday came along, and my family and I were heading for the weekend to the lake. I thought once the weekend got here, and being in the right scenery, I would just be able to bounce back and do some bike riding. The weather forecast was a beautiful spring sunny weekend, but I did not forecast to still be with this cold and some fever on Saturday.

Well, today is Sunday, and I have spent most of the weekend indoors still using the best investment I made all week. I bought 3 boxes of tissues for $5. I don’t know if it was a good deal, but it is an investment that is still paying off today. Best_investment_this_week.jpg

While I was thinking of ways I could salvage this week with thoughts like maybe if I just go for a walk, since it would beat just sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself, one word kept coming back to me: REST. 

Rest is a common topic on the triathlete mag articles, books and training schedules. I’m not one to push too far, or over work out, but there are other ways to get your body and mind tired. The stresses of life and work is one of the most silent ways to get your body, mind and soul tired.

I need to recognize when my body needs rest. I need to quiet my mind, and listen to my body. It’s funny how the mind works, because I also kept thinking, why rest since I have done nothing physical since the end of last year.  I rode my bike once this year, and ran few times, but nothing to say I need rest.

I could have been lucky all this time, but this is the first time I have been sick this winter. It has been so busy at work I couldn’t afford to miss a day of work, and I have been ignoring some symptoms and kept working long hours, and long weeks. Well, I think the lack of rest finally caught up with me, and my body told me it had enough.

So even though, things did not turned as I planned for the week, I’m starting to enjoy the rest. Today has been the first day without fever, and my ears are unplugged too. The next week goal is to ease up to some physical activity.


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