My Neska

In 2013, my husband and I bought a used Orbea frame out of Ebay, and decided to build a road bike for me. Prior to getting this bike, I have never ridden a road bike, and I did not know what to expect. And some components were solely picked because the way they look.

In 2014, my neska (girl in Basque) and I rode a portion of Lake Tahoe, and we did a triathlon together. We had a great year together.  However, my first ride of 2015 lots of things hurt, and the only thing I had changed from the prior year was the seat.  I was expecting that switching my seat would hurt my rear end. But I was having pain around my neck and along my arms too.  

So for $13, I switched the stem on the bike, and I went back to my comfy seat. The only tool needed for the job was a set of L wrenches for both jobs.

This is the seat I had changed. I bought online, on a sale, and I believe it was Italian made and it looked like a “real” bike saddle.   

       My rear end did not like it. I couldn’t get back on the bike for three days after a 20 minute ride on this saddle. So I went back to my not so cool, but oh so comfy sofa saddle:

  I believe I need a saddle that does not taper down, but that supports my wide cargo. I know it weights lots more than the cool looking one, but it is a good reason to lose weight, in exchange for the comforts of this saddle. The brand is Ars 🙂 What can I say, it makes me happy, and with no pain, I ride for longer.

I think my arm and neck pain are coming from me stretching out to reach the handle bars.  I think last year, I was in better shape, more flexible and of course younger.  This year, it is just uncomfortable and painful to ride.

  This is my original setup. It was a beautiful 100 mm Carbon Fiber stem that I bought at a discount, and which got replaced with a non carbon fiber Orbea 90 mm stem with 10 angle raise, which brings the handle bar closer and higher. I test rode it, and the change felt good. I just need to go for a real ride to make sure the changes are the right ones.




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