Summer Pace

Finding a water fall
Finding a water fall

My summer was different than I expected.  I have been gaining some improvements with my running. I have been able to increase my distance (one or two additional miles), and my heart rate is steady and not out of control.  But one thing I noticed was that my pace had not improved at all. One can say I cannot have everything, but then why not?

My running pace is 14:45/mile. I know it is slow, but it is where I have been all summer.  It doesn’t matter how much I have run in a year, it is the same pace that when I started, and I could barely run four minutes in a row.

In March 2014, I registered for my first 5K. I was in week 3 of the Couch to 5K program, and I have never ran that distance before.  My strategy was to run for 3 mins, and walk for 2 mins.  My pace at the of the 5K was 14:58 per mile.  I was so happy, and my legs were killing me, but I did a 5K.

Eighteen months later, I can run the 5K distance without having to do a run/walk interval.  That by itself, it’s a big accomplishment for me.  I also don’t feel like will die as soon I finished the run.  However, my time is 13 seconds faster than walking and running, which I think it sucks.

The positive side is that there’s a big room for improvement.  This summer my condition training has been at higher elevation because where I’m staying right now. I don’t really know how much of an advantage or disadvantage this is for training, but there are a lot of hills. Not just hills, but big hills which are kicking my ass.

I have not done as much running as I have been wanting to do because I do not have access to a treadmill right now.  However, whenever I get a chance to go for a run, I have been running outside.  Mostly on trails, which now I just love to do. I also have done some Mountain Biking.  Biking, it’s another area I have not spent much time doing either.

Have I mentioned I had fun this summer?  I did everything, but spend time training for a triathlon. One of the reasons why I did not sign up for any this year.

I swam a few times during summer, and concentrated in form. I actually think I improve on that this year, but again, I did not spend much time on the pool swimming either.

I did start the P90x3 program though, which surprisingly I liked a lot.  It made me work on muscle strength and rustiness.  During the program, I have done things I did not think my body was capable to do 20 years ago.  The program has the classic, lean, mass, and double programs.  I did the lean program. I thought it would help me with the cardio, and still improve some of my strength.

I believe I accomplished both of those expectations. I’m two weeks away from finishing the 90 days of P90x3, and over the weekend I ran my second 5K.  I cut 2 minutes of my pace. I ran at a pace of 12:51/mile on a trail.  I’m happy, and I am posting this so I do not forget how proud I am of this pace. It is my pace and it took me 18 months to get to this point. I own this pace, and I earned it. I even got a trophy for coming third on my age group with this pace.

I hope than in the future when I read about people with 10 min/mile pace complaining of how slow they are, I don’t get upset or down with myself.  I don’t want it to affect me anymore. This is my pace today, and I am happy of this pace.

Running was fun this summer at my pace. I ran to a waterfall in the state of Georgia, and saw dolphins while running at Virginia Beach, and I ran a portion of the Tahoe Rim trail.  I can’t wait to see where running takes me next.


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