Reno5000 – River Run

10K Action

So Global Café is finally open. We opened on December 29, 2015 after a big push to open before the end of the year. In the last four months, I have learned a lot about people and myself. It is different kind of stress, but I have enjoyed it a lot. We are now serving delicious food, great coffee, and have a great selection of beers and wines. We are becoming the base camp for adventure in Tahoe Vista. I’m very proud of the Global Café team and being part of the Tahoe community.This past winter was an epic winter for snow in Lake Tahoe. I have not skied in years, but I did go out once. Great conditions but I confirmed that skiing is really not my thing. I was left with the desire to go outside and do something physical though. When I think about time for myself, there are three things that help me find balance within myself. One is being physically active, the second one is painting and third one is meditation. Which I haven’t really done in the last 6 months.

When I finally got a breather, I thought of signing up for an event. No triathlons came to mind, but a running an event. This time I really wanted to challenge myself, so I looked for a 10K. Yes, it is not a marathon or a half marathon, but it is would be the longest distance I have ever done. So yes, I am challenging myself.

So I signed up for the Reno5000 event, which is a Boston Marathon qualifier, to do my first 10K. I liked telling myself that it was a Boston Qualifier while I was getting ready for it. It kept me inspired.

My training… well… the word training is too big for what I actually did. February, I ran once. We got snow, and I did not run again until the last week of March. I actually ran four times during that week in which I concentrated on moving my legs, and being able to run/walk for a 3K distance. I was thinking “I got this” at this point.

In April, I ran 4 times again during the whole month. I mostly run/walk for 3K on each run except for the last run I did. For my last run in April, I used the MOOV device. Which I think it really helped me. The device gave me feedback on my cadence while running. 

Eight weeks passed from the time I signed to the event, and I have never even got close to running a 10K, but deep inside of me I felt like I could run the distance. And that became my goal: to finish the race, and actually run a 10K, even if I walked some of it.

The days before the event, I was left with fueling and hydrating myself as a desperation move. What else could I do at this point? So I kept peeing a lot, and being smart with what ate the day before.

Sunday morning came along, and I ran, and walk a tiny bit, and kept running. And at the end, I actually ran a 10K. My official time was 1:21. That’s at a 13:27/mile roughly (per Garmin, but I forgot to turn it off right away, so added a full minute to my time, but who is counting).

I’m freaking ecstatic. I not only did it, but I’m so happy with my time. I did check my results a few days later, and I realized I was really at the bottom. But this time around, I did not really care at all. After reading the results, I was still having a smile on my face.

I was not Wonder Woman. It did not happen overnight. I have been way more active on a daily basis than I have been in prior years. My new job keeps me moving all day long. In addition, the few times I did ran, I did it at an elevation of 6,600 ft and the event was around 2,000 ft lower. I also picked up a new sport: longboarding, which I love and keeps me moving. My muscles are still sore. But the soreness is a trophy that I proudly have been carrying for the last four days. A constant reminder of my first 10K!



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