Rough Start

I was a little dissapointed on how much of my physical condition I lost from last year. It really feels like I’m starting from zero instead of from scratch.  I rode my bike on the trainer on two different days. I rode for 20 mins on  Monday, but My butt was soooo sore afterwards that I couldnt’ sit on the saddle until Thursday. 

This week on the other hand was better, and I was able to run three times.

Since I could not ride for long because my stamina was low (I’m blaming my cold), and how uncomfortable I was on my bike (I’m blaming the bike), I looked at two things: my bike fitting and which events I will participate in. 

This blog is about the second one. 

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to do two events, a Sprint class event and end the season with an Olympic event. In between, those two I wanted to do a 10K run. I also expected to maintain a condition level where the training would get me to achieve my goals. On the Sprint class I wanted to reduce my time by 15 minutes. It sounds like a lot, but after reviewing my swim, bike and transition time, I felt that I could achieve that goal. For the Olympic event, I wanted to have a solid middle of the pack finish.

My last year triathlon goal was to finish one, and I did. My time on the Sprint class was just a few minutes over 2 hours, which I was very happy with. I had started a new job, and my last four weeks of training were at a minimum

Through out my training, I lost 15 lbs. I was on the best physical condition I have ever been, and it felt great. I had so much fun at the event, and I actually enjoyed the training. That’s why I’m doing it again.

For this year, I wanted to prepare for the Washington DC Triathlon in September. The event is 2,400 miles from where I live, and my biggest constraint this year is my travel budget which I may try in 2016. My father once told me that when there’s money, there’s no time, and when we have time, there’s no money. I guess I traded one for the other one. 

With starting training at the end of March, I will be pushing it to meet any events before June. We have some family reunions planned for the month of June, which takes the full month out.

After looking around, I found the Lake Tahoe Triathlon in late August and the See Jane Run Triathlon in late September. Both events are Sprint class events, and both open water swims are in a lake. The See Jane Run event is 400 miles away, but all of my options are going to require travel. I’m still looking for a 10K event to do.

My goals for the year are still going to be the same, but I will only do the Sprint class.

I’m so excited! Let the fun begin…


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